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​​Things to Consider Before Importing Samples from Foreign Countries

Import is International trade in which goods and services are bought by a nation from other countries to fulfil the domestic needs. Import export business course can assist you in becoming a master in export import trade. Imports are an essential part for any country to fulfil the lack of resources.

What are Import Samples:

Import Samples are nothing but goods or products that importers of any country import before buying the product to know its quality, usages, characteristics, etc. Samples can be imported by traders, companies, industries, laboratories. Goods which are prohibited under Foreign Trade Act are not allowed to import as samples.

Samples of all types of consumer goods, prototypes of engineering goods or goods with securing orders can be imported.

Things to know Before Import Sample:

Before making any confirmed order it is important to ask for a sample of the original product by the importer, to make sure the product matches its necessity. It is one crucial part that helps the importer to decide whether he/she wants to import that product or not, or if he wants to make any changes to the product. It also helps the importer to decide the quantity of the product he needs.

Sample can also be brought by the representative of manufactures abroad either as  part of their personal baggage or through courier.

  • The bonafide trade samples can be imported by traders provided the goods have been supplied free of charge.

  • For duty free clearance the value limit of the sample should not exceed Rs 50000 per unit. Exporters are not required to product the IEC at the time of clearance of such goods.

  • The value of Rs 5000 is the value of the goods in the country of dispatch excluding local refundable taxes.

  • The importer must declare that the total value of the samples does not exceed Rs 60,000 per year or 15 units of samples. If any person is suspected to contravene the limit he is liable to be investigated, or penalized.

  • The importer can also import a high valued machinery sample under privacy. On request the Customs authority also seal the machinery during its journey and unsealed only at the place of demonstration.

  • In case of any damage found on the sample, the sample can be send again within the time period of 9 months.

  • Machinery products, which are prototypes of engineering goods, can also be imported duty free of the value does not exceed Rs 10,000.

  • There are some goods which are prohibited and are not allowed to be imported as samples under Foreign Trade Act 1992, like wild animals, wild birds, arms & Ammunitions, and narcotic drugs. 

  • Samples can also be imported for private commercial exhibition for demonstration with the prior permission of the Ministry of Commerce and Indian Promotion Organization.

  • Samples are allowed duty free import for promotion of tourism equipment and ancillary goods.

  • Samples can be imported for Government of India sponsored events such as trade and industry fairs.

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All the above factors explain about importing samples. Samples are a good way to make any decision for an import export company. Import is a fruitful business as every county lacks in some resources and wants import from different countries.

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